Oklahoma Scholarships

Scholarships for students Oklahoma. Some scholarships specifically open to Oklahoma students, and others give preference to students in Oklahoma.

Burlington North Santa Fe (BNSF) Foundation Scholarship
Sponsor: American Indian Science and Engineering Society | Burlington North Santa Fe Foundation
Amount: $2,500
Closing Date: March 31, 2018
Description: Scholarship is open to Native American, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians who are graduating high school seniors and live in a state serviced by BNSF (Arizona, California, Colorado, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, and Washington). Applicant must be planning to study Business, Finance, Mathematics, Natural/Physical Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Education, Medicine, or Health Administration.

Hopson-Laurent Scholarship
Sponsor: The Dallas Foundation
Amount: At Least $1,000
Closing Date: April 10, 2018
Description: Scholarship is open to high school seniors at public or private high schools in Choctaw County, Oklahoma who plan to pursue studies in architecture, art, or forestry.

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