Environmental, Conservation & Sustainability Scholarships

If you are are trying to save the world by recycling, conserving water, or participating in clean-up days in your community, you have an interest in Environmentalism, Conservation, and/or Sustainability causes. There are quite a few scholarships open to students who care about our planet! Some are for students who have an interest in making a different, while others are for students who are studying Environmental Science, Sustainability or other related fields. If you have an interest in Environmentalism, Conservation, and Sustainability, these scholarships are for you. ExtremeTerrain’s Student Scholarship Sponsor: ExtremeTerrain Amount: $3,000 Closing Date: October 15, 2021 Description: Scholarship is open to students who are/will be pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies, Environmental Research, Land Use, Earth & Atmosphere Studies, Sustainable Land Management, Parks and Recreation, or Sustainable Agriculture Systems during the spring term. Local Conservation Scholarship and Essay Contest Sponsor: Steve Duckett, Attorney at Law Amount: $1,000 Closing Date: October 31, 2021 Description: Scholarship is open to incoming and current college students who can demonstrate a commitment to environmental conservation using past and present volunteer, professional, and educational experiences. Applicant must submit a personal statement explaining their dedication to local conservation.
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