Category: College Advice

8 On-Campus Jobs to Consider

Looking for a job on-campus? You may want to consider these eight on-campus jobs.

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15 Life Skills You Need To Learn Before Heading To College

Before heading to college, learn these 15 life skills.

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How to Make Your Dorm Room a Stress-Free Sanctuary

Want a stress-free dorm room? Guest Blogger Chloe Taylor has some great tips for you.

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5 Proven Strategies to Study while Working Full Time

Are you working full time while also attending school? Guest Blogger Brenda Savoie has five tips for studying.

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Check The List: 4 Health Exams You Need Before Studying Abroad

If you’re planning on studying abroad, make sure to take care of your health before leaving. Guest Blogger Emma Sturgis shares four exams you may need before studying abroad.

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