5 Ways Study Abroad Can Help Students Grow in Their Career

The idea of studying abroad sounds exciting and scary at the same time. It’s exciting because you’d love to see and experience a culture different from yours. However, you’ll be too far from your family and friends. You’ll be a stranger and you’re not sure how well you’d fit in.

It’s time for a different approach. Instead of thinking how much fun you would have and how difficult your social life would become, try this: think how studying abroad will set the foundation for a successful career. When you gain the confidence that you’re doing something really good for your future, you won’t pay too much attention to the fear of being alone.

We’ll list 5 ways how studying abroad drives you towards career growth.

1. You’ll Learn How to Be Independent

Personal growth. That’s one of the biggest advantages you’ll get when you decide to study abroad. The people will have different lifestyle habits. They will speak a language that’s foreign to you. The food will be different and you’ll miss the meals you used to love. It will be harder to make friends. However, you’ll have no other option but to immerse yourself in that culture.

With time, you’ll learn how to manage your finances better. You’ll organize your time in a way that lets you experience all good things of studying abroad. You’ll take care of your own room or apartment. You’ll be making the first step to meet more people. You’ll become independent, and the sole fact that you studied in a foreign country will prove that.

That’s a personal trait that will give you an advantage in any career. Instead of relying on others, you’ll always be focused on your own thing.

2. You’ll Gain Valuable Skills

Time management. Budgeting. Communication. Language. You’ll gain these and many other valuable skills when you study abroad. When you list them in your resume, these won’t look like useless fillers. You’ll prove those skills through the experience of studying abroad. That’s how you’ll gain more respect from hiring managers.

3. Traveling Gives You New Perspective on Life

When you take this step, you’ll show you’re not afraid of adventures. You’ll become part of a new culture, and you’ll spend a lot of time exploring the country you choose, as well as its neighboring regions. If you choose France, for example, you’ll be able to travel across all European countries with minimal expenses.

How does this help you get a job? Eric Richardson, career expert from ResumesPlanet, gives us an insightful tip: “Write a blog about your traveling experiences. Write about the way a foreigner adapts in that surrounding. Mention those experiences and the blog in your resume, and you’ll trigger the interest of recruiters. The ones who check out your blog will definitely give you an advantage over the usual candidate with a dry resume.”

4. You’ll Gain Adaptability Skills

If you decide to go to college in your own country, you’ll meet many like-minded people who are going through the same journey. You’ll be close to home, so you’ll maintain the relationship with your family and high-school friends. Yes, college will be different than high school, but you’ll go through the adaptation period fairly easy.

When you live and study in a foreign country, you’ll face a whole other level of adaptation shock. However, you’ll go through it successfully. When you graduate and you start applying to jobs, the hiring managers will know you’re adaptable. That’s an important personal trait for someone who’s about to get their first job.

5. International Experience Makes You a Better Job Candidate

When you engage in this international experience, you’ll develop cross-cultural communication skills. In a globalized world, that’s a huge advantage to have when aiming for career growth. Every single organization has to be open to various cultures, and you’ll be a good addition to the team when you know a foreign language.

Studying abroad will be an adventure of a lifetime. It won’t be easy. You’ll have to risk your comfort to some extent. However, that step will set you up for career success!

Micheal Gilmore is a business owner and blogger from Dallas, TX. He loves writing about productivity and personal growth. Micheal is also a passionate career advisor and facilitator. In his parallel life, he loves hiking and can’t wait to see the Himalayas one of these days. Follow Micheal on Twitter.


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