Thanksgiving Break Ideas For College Bound Students

Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks and spending time with family and friends. Thanksgiving also gives students some free time away from school. Some students have a four-day weekend, while other students have the entire week off! If you’re not sure how to spend your free time, here are some ideas for college bound students.

Rest. No matter if you are in high school or college, you need your rest. Many lists will not include rest, but rest is probably the most important thing that can be on your list. When you are exhausted, everything can suffer a little. Being tired makes it harder to concentrate and do your best work. In addition, not getting enough rest can make it easier to get sick. Get your rest and build up your immune system so hopefully you will stay away from sickness between Thanksgiving and winter break.

If you are the type of person who finds it difficult to not be productive all the time, here are some things to do during your Thanksgiving break:

  1. Catch up on homework. Check out your class schedules or syllabuses to see what is coming up. Get your calendar organized. And, considering reading ahead and starting essays that are are due soon.
  2. Work on your college list. For high school seniors, try to finalize your college list if you haven’t done so already. If you’re an underclassman, get to know yourself and the things that are important to you when it comes time to go to college. Once you know what you want, choose one of the college search engines to find colleges that meet your requirements. Start researching those colleges by visiting their websites. As you learn more about the colleges, you’ll be able to start narrowing down the list and figuring out what colleges you might want to visit in the future.
  3. Work on your college applications. If you haven’t submitted your college applications yet, finish up your applications. Deadlines are coming up and if you miss the deadline, you will miss your chance at possibly attending those colleges.
  4. Finish or polish your admission essays. Depending on the colleges you are considering, the essay can play a big role in the admission process. Make sure you are sending in an authentic, well-written essay. Proofread the essay and have someone you trust proofread it as well. Make edits to your essays, but make sure your essay stays in your voice.
  5. Apply for scholarships. College is expensive! For most students, financial aid does not cover everything. Therefore, look for scholarships and submit some applications and essays. While it is tempting to send in a lot of applications, keep in mind that quality is always more important that quantity. Don’t rush through the applications and essays. Instead, find scholarships that have scholarships where you might be able to stand out from the crowd!
  6. Volunteer. Volunteering is great for college applications and it feels good to make a difference. Thanksgiving is a time many people want to volunteer, so some of the more common Thanksgiving volunteer opportunities, such as food kitchens, may already have enough volunteers. Don’t let that stop you. Find something you are passionate about and reach out to those organizations to see if they need volunteers.

Thanksgiving break is a wonderful time to recharge and connect with family and friends. You deserve your time off! However, if you need something to do, try some of the six ideas listed above.

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