Health and Wellness Tips for College Students

Many students deal with stress before they enroll in college, but this feeling doesn’t go away once they start studying. During their preparation for college, they need to take care of their immune system, as well as their dieting regime. If you’re preparing for college at the moment as well, you too need to use the period to make sure your lifestyle is as healthy as it can be, and create some habits that will help you stay just as healthy during college. How you start your college career will determine your career and your academic success, so try to boost it as much as you can, both mentally and physically, in order to stay on top of every task. Make sure your routine is set before your classes start because it’s going to be harder to reach success once your busy schedule takes control of your life.

Establish a routine

Your routine doesn’t have to be too strict, but you need to have some basic schedule for the most important things every single day. Pay attention to your meals and make sure you always have enough time for preparing and eating healthy food, because this will help you stay strong and focused during the day.

Everyone always says that their student years were the busiest years of their life, and a time when they struggled to achieve even the simplest of things – finding a moment to have a quick bite being one of them. Having an established routine will help you relieve stress, making sure you do everything on time and still have some spare time for your hobbies. In addition to that, it’s important to have enough time for sleeping, studying, working out, and attending all your classes. If you don’t create a routine, you’re in risk of missing out on some important things which can affect your academic performance in the long run.

Avoid over-committing

It’s always great to dream big and possessing a desire to achieve as much as you can, but this can sometimes take a toll on you, ultimately bringing an opposite effect. Time management is a vital part of your organization and if you promise to do more than you can achieve, you’ll not only add more stress to your busy routine, but you’ll also wear yourself out.

That is why you’ll need to prioritize – define what’s really important, and make sure these are the things that need to be done. Over-committing is usually the problem for students who like to build their resume by attending different groups and clubs, but these people just end up having more obligations than they can handle. Although this will be a great asset to your CV once you start searching for a job, being partially included and not being able to attend every meeting won’t make you the best member of a particular club, so it’s better to focus only on just a few extra-curricular activities instead of going all in.

Dorm room essentials

Your dorm room should be your oasis and a place where you’ll be able to study, relax and sleep in order to have enough energy for your busy daily routine. Start with your room layout and make sure your sleeping area is separated from your workspace in order to create boundaries and be able to relax without having books scattered all over the room.

Many students struggle with always being sick and having problems with their immune system, so finding the best air purifiers can be a great way of making sure your dorm room is always full of clean air. Apart from that, make sure it’s clean and clutter-free because those are the things that can boost your stress level without you even noticing it. Try to keep some motivational messages on the walls as these can help you stay organized and on track with your obligations, and keep you motivated during the exam period.

Be sociable

A huge part of your college experience is making new friends and spending time with them, and this is what you’re supposed to be doing. After all, you can’t study all day every day, and college is the time to be sociable and surrounded by people. Students generally love socializing, and it’s great for their mental and physical health too.

College gives you lots of opportunities to make friends and hang out with them, from classes and dorm rooms to parties and extra-curricular activities, so just relax and enjoy life. You can never know who you’re going to meet – your future best friend or significant other might be sitting next to you in class, so don’t be afraid to introduce yourself as soon as possible.

Boosting your health while studying and attending classes is hard, so prepare in advance and discover tactics that will help you protect your health every day of the week, and enjoy this amazing time of your life.


Emma B. Joyce is blogger based in Australia. She is a true home decor and DIY fanatic. Emma is interested in music and also is a big reading enthusiast. Finding new designs and patterns is her daily task. She is a regular contributor on


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