10 Amazing Ways To Help Your Students Fall In Love With Reading

Reading is a very important skill for every person in this world. Just imagine a world without reading skills. We would be unable to perform even the simplest tasks. However, learning how to read can be difficult for beginner students. Remember when you were a child and just learning how to read – it was confusing, right? Plus, without a proper reason to learn, children just want to go back to their regular activities like playing and enjoying their childhood. However, there are ways to help your students fall in love with reading and learn faster and better.

Here are some of those ways:

Offer them materials

When you just read from the same book over and over again, reading can be a boring task. There is no incentive there, no desire to learn. Most teachers make a mistake of only using what’s recommended by the curriculum, without offering other options, something that would be a bit more tempting for the students. So, pick and offer colorful books, magazines and fun articles, newspapers and so on. You can even turn to the digital and that would make learning even more fun.

Set an example

“If you want to teach your students to love reading, you need to show them that you are a reader and that you love it. You should bring your favorite books and magazines and react emotionally to what you are reading so that your students become curious about it. Reach out to their families and suggest that they do the same thing,” says Tom Silas, librarian at Australia2write.

Showcase a book every week

If you want to introduce a person to the world of reading, you should show them just why it’s so great. There is no better way than showing them a few amazing books that are age-appropriate and also fun and colorful. Pick something with a great storyline or a great learning experience that would appeal to your classroom – books about being a magician or something similar.

Read to them

To get your readers started, you should read something to them with passion and by making it entertaining. Choose a good book or a good article that will spark interest and then read to them. Suggest that they could have as much fun themselves if they read alone. You can also bring books to life by recreating something from the book.

Allow your students to review books

Students love getting involved and sharing their thoughts. You could have them talking about their opinions on a book, what they liked, what they disliked and so on. Other students talking might inspire them to read that book too.

Don’t discourage some books

Teachers have a tendency to discourage books they feel are not age and reading level appropriate but this shouldn’t happen. Instead of just saying no, try talking to them about why they chose a certain book and why they like it. You never know what might interest them or what is their knowledge on a certain topic so you should just let them read what is comfortable and interesting to them. This can also be a teaching moment where you would tell your students how to pick the right book for themselves.

Create a reading time

Have your students just reading for a certain amount of time. This will help them relax and get into the reading atmosphere where they can.enjoy a book without the stress of tests and assignments.

Talk to them about their reading

Ask questions, answer questions and get involved. Show them that you care.

Read aloud

“You should read to your students on a daily basis. Read something interesting that appeals to what they want to know,” says Crissy Reider, English teacher at Brit student.


Whenever they learn something new from a book or advance in their reading, you should celebrate with them.


Joel Snyder is literacy teacher and writer at PhD Kingdom and Next CourseWork. He enjoys helping people to get best education possible as well as creating articles about things that excite him. His main goal is to help people learn to fall in love with learning.


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  1. These are amazing tips for students, who don’t love reading. Thanks, for sharing these informative tips with us. You can also share this with my new team members at QandA website.

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