The Power of Music: Music Can Help Students Cope With Stress and Anxiety

Music has the power to heal us and to rejuvenate our soul by enchanting our inner self.

In the current pressure of life where we are all busy participating in the cat’s race, it is tough to keep ourselves aloof from the humongous stress. It is sad, but the fact is this pressure starts building during our childhood days. The moment a child steps into the outer world, he has the pressure mounting on him from various aspects of life, and it goes on increasing as he grows up.

Students are definitely affected by stress. While they have immense pressure to perform well, they do not always have the ability to deal with it effectually. Therefore, it is our duty as parents to help them. Why not introduce them to music from the very early days of life and give them an avenue to distress?

Let us see how music can help students to cope with stress and anxiety.

1. Music is a way to increase attention

It is still not absolutely clear how and why but studies have proven that our brain resonates with the rhythms of music. Some researchers say that it engages our unconscious mind from drifting off to the unwanted thought and thus, in turn, helps our conscious mind to concentrate more on the task at hand. Let the student try it out the next time he is trying hard to focus on solving an equation.

2. Music improved sociability of students

Even if your child is an introvert, or avoids groups, music can help him to socialize. A student taking part in music lessons immediately bonds with her counterparts. It is undeniably true that music has its own language and it binds all those who take part in it. Just think, when you go to a disco or club, don’t you dance with the crowd without even a knowing them?

Bonds that are built during those music lessons last for a long time. To create music, harmony needs to be there between all the players, and this only, later on, helps in improving the sociability skills of the student.

3. Music calms down students before taking an exam

The importance of grades tends to put a lot of pressure on students. Help them to relax by listening to music before they go for an exam. It relaxes your nerves, muscles, and helps you to calm down. There is a therapy called music therapy where doctors make patients listen to music to deal with their physical ailments as music has a positive impact on blood pressure, heart rate and the respiratory system.

4. Music helps boost alertness and concentration

Taking music lessons can help in a great way to channel energy and help students stay focused. It calms the mind and channels it towards a positive direction. Learning a musical instrument or any other form of music requires concentration, alertness, memory, and dedication. These, in turn, enhances the brain’s functioning and helps a student to concentrate more on their studies.

5. Music shifts focus away from pain

Besides diverting our mind from the pain, music also has a positive impact on our blood circulation, which in turn, lessens pain.

Good music has the power to grab your attention and holds it long enough to make you forget your pain. Since ancient times, it has been used to treat people suffering from acute depression or physical pain.

Music lessons also shift your mind to more productive outputs and diverts it from stress, anxiety, and other negatives of life.

6. Music stimulates the brain

When we listen to music, our brain release dopamine and this hormone is related to pleasure. So, you are inevitably bound to feel less stress, anxiety, and more positive feelings when you listen to music. Though we relate emotions with our heart, it’s our brain cells that communicate these emotions to us.

Mothers sing lullabies to put her newborn to sleep, and this probably is one of the first few moments of bonding between them. Music connects us emotionally.

Curtis Dean writes on behalf of Sage Music School where they base lessons on the science and research of the psychology of learning. Their effective teaching methods create confident and capable students who enjoy the happiness of making music


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