Top 10 Strategies for Making Good Grades in College

College teaches students how to be responsible, accountable, and trustworthy. It prepares them for life and future jobs. Even though college life is not easy, it is indeed one of the best moments in any student’s life.

Throughout college, we develop new friendships, find amazing opportunities to expand our horizons, and consider different external opinions. All these build the foundation of our future selves. We become better at listening, more attentive to other people’s needs, and less egotistical.

However, college life can be tiring too. Paying so much attention to our own personal development can lead to lower grades and increased fatigue. We must know how to keep a balanced life, and enlarge our perspectives without giving up on studying hard for our exams. Let’s see what are some of the best strategies of getting good grades in college!

1. Use Self-Motivation

In order to keep your grades up, you must be motivated to succeed. Constant motivation can only be driven by self-encouragement. Here are some quick tips on how to stay self-motivated:

  • Surround yourself with the right people. Motivational speaker Jim Rohn says “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Find people who are motivated and determined to succeed and hang out with them!
  • Be positive. A positive mindset attracts positive outcomes. Be at peace with yourself. Try meditation or any other form of self-awareness. Get to know yourself better.
  • Let go of control. Yes, grades are important, but they are not to die for. Don’t control every single part of your life, leave space for the unknown. That’s how you truly learn.
  • Track your progress. See where you stand all the time. If you are unhappy with your current situation, stop and think. What are you doing wrong? How can you make things better? What exactly needs to change and why?

Take in consideration all of the above if you want to reach goals and produce better results. Always ask yourself questions, and keep yourself motivated.Everything comes from inside, remember that.

2. Attend All of Your Classes

Skipping classes won’t bring you any good. You’ll lose important material, and you might lack understanding of basic concepts. On top of that, you are paying for attending college, so why waste your/your parents’ money for nothing? Go to every class and stay involved. If you don’t understand something, ask. Be fearless in your approaches and show professors that you truly care about your future success and career.

3. Listen to Your Professors

Professors are valuable resources. Care for what they have to say, and listen to them constantly. If you don’t agree with their points of view, respectfully challenge their perspectives. Most of them are open-minded enough to listen to your arguments and come up with a proper response.

Carl Cuvees, IT designer at AssignmentGeek, shares his opinion. “If you show engagement in class and willingness to learn, instructors will be happy to work with you, and will encourage you as well. Having a professor by your side is always good, especially when thinking in prospective – you might need some good recommendations once you leave college and apply for Grad school, won’t you?”

4. Organize Your Time Properly

It’s important to prioritize tasks and know when to get involved in something or when to sit aside. In order to organize time properly:

  • Think in terms of quality over quantity, always. Thus, work smart.
  • Get rid of unwanted distractions and say “no” when you need to.
  • Focus on one task at a time.
  • Set deadlines and respect them.
  • Prioritize tasks.
  • Write down your goals for the day, every day.

5. Find Time to Read

Reading is crucial when in college. It definitely expands our horizon and helps us grow. Here are five books you should read while in college:

  • Lord of the Flies – William Golding
  • The Celestine Prophecy – James Redfield
  • Brave New World – Aldous Huxley
  • How to Kill a Mocking Bird – Harper Lee
  • 1984 – George Orwell

6. Be Active and Stay Engaged

In order to make yourself noticed, you must be truly involved in everything that you take part in. Thus, be active as much as you can. If you have ten questions during one lecture, ask them. Talk to the professors about the lessons afterwards. Go to their office hours. Stay active by involving in campus activities as well. Reach out to other students if needed.

7. Ask for Help

Asking for help is natural. There’s nothing to be ashamed about. You cannot control all things, and you must accept help from time to time. Ask your parents, friends, teachers, or online services to help you with your assignments if you feel overwhelmed.

8. Get Enough Sleep and Take Breaks

If you are tired all the time, your productivity will drop, and you won’t be able to perform well in school. Thus:

  • Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night
  • Avoid excessive drinking
  • Take regular breaks – fifty minutes of studying, followed by ten minutes of relaxation
  • Avoid junk foods or dead foods

9. Study

You can’t have good grades if you don’t study. Design a study plan:

  • Set goals for each day
  • Write down all subjects you must study for
  • Prioritize the ones that are vital to study for now
  • Divide schedule into study blocks
  • Leave time for breaks and other activities

10. Don’t Be Afraid to be Outstanding

If you respect all of the above strategies, there is a high chance you will succeed greatly in school. Thus, you might stand out of the crowd. Don’t be scared by that. Yes, there might be jealous colleagues who’ll try to bring you down, or people who might discourage you from reaching your dreams. Don’t pay any attention to them. Stay focused on your work.


Getting good grades means keeping a balanced life, and taking the right actions at the right time. Map out a study plan, design study blocks, study smart, and prepare for your future career!

Anna Cheesley is a blogger and editor from Gold Coast, Australia. The range of her interests is wide: education, career, coaching, active lifestyle, travelling, technologies, etc. You can easily find Anna on Google+and Facebook 



One Comment on “Top 10 Strategies for Making Good Grades in College

  1. Thank you for the guidance! I’m so happy you mentioned 1984 and Brave New World (my favs). Leaving space for the unknown is definitely going to be the hardest part for me, but great advice. 🙂

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