What Essay Types are the Most Appropriate for You?

Different Essay Types Help You to Develop Writing Skills and Analytical Thinking

Students who write a lot of essays know that there are many different essay types. It is very important to realize what kind of essay you have to complete. Depending on what essay type you need to deal with, you will have different research goals and the manner of writing may also vary from the informal or journalistic writing to scientific style.

The following are some of the essay types:

  • argumentative paper
  • comparison and contrast essay
  • descriptive essay
  • narrative essay
  • evaluating essay
  • expository essay


An argumentative essay usually involves a discussion and an argument. This kind of essay can be very interesting because the writer has the chance  to stand up for their point of view. You will learn how to state your thoughts about a subject clearly. You will also need to provide vivid and exact arguments so your point of view will be unquestionable.

Comparison and Contrast

In comparison and contrast essays, students usually reveal similarities or differences of two or more subjects. For this kind of essay you may choose different topics. Just think if the following topic allow you to find similar or different sides of the subject. For instance, you may compare or contrast in your essay different types of music or two different authors or their works.

Comparison essay may be applied to different disciplines. If you like history, you may compare policies of different countries. If you are fond of economics, you may contrast different fields of economics, the level of their development in different countries, etc. You may also find comparison and contrast essay samples in literature.


Descriptive essays answer questions such as What? Why? Where? In this essay type you have to describe the subject from different angles.


Most students prefer narrative essays. A narrative essay tells a story. The story can be personal or not. When choosing a subject for your essay, find something that targets your audience. Glean different interesting ideas and produce an essay that will draw your audience in.


Evaluating essays require your great attention to the subject of investigation. You should possess much knowledge on the topic so you can easily evaluate the subject. An evaluation essay will have some form of opinion, but should not com across as opinionated. Instead, the evaluation is based on the facts.


The main aim of an expository essay is to express other peoples’ positions according to the concrete subject. In this kind of essay you may also report different incidents, occurrences, etc. There are some notions, conceptions, events that people cannot completely understand. So your task will be to describe the obscure subject in details. Your essay will be successful when the readers, with the help of your explanations, will come up to some conclusions about the subject.

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Barbara Elliott has served in a number of leadership positions throughout her career including College Dean at three universities and Tenured University Professor. Barbara is a frequent national and international presenter and author. Also she works as a blogger at Businessays.net


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