Best Ways to Earn Extra Income for College Students

To make exta cash is the desire of every college student. With increased activities and events that require the splash of money, the stipend from the parents becomes a drop of water into an ocean for college students. Therefore, to meet this deficit, a personal hustle has to come in. Thanks to the fixed number of classes per day, college students get a surplus of free time that can be easily directed to money generating activities to help earn extra income per month. But what are the best ways to earn extra income per month for college students? Red shed may have the answers.

The Entrepreneur

When not actively participating in class work, create an employment opportunity for yourself. There are some gaps in between learning that you could quickly fill and get sums of cash out of them. Thanks to the free internet available at the campus, utilize this to make every minute on the college campus count.

1. Create a Freelance Account.

The internet can link you to the online market where you can easily make money from writing for other people. Freelancing involves writing articles or other projects for people, provided you are a fast writer. The freelance sites usually offer jobs to be done and you will be paid on a per page basis. Utilize the available sites and you’ll find yourself making good money.

2. Create a Website or a Blog

With the free Wi-Fi, create a blog or a website that explains who you are and what you are capable of doing. However, this requires some website hosting costs, but after a small period of time, the number of searches or clicks on your blog or website can start giving you considerable amounts of money.

3. Become a Virtual Assistant

Look for online sites that require assistants’ to run their errands online, such as updating social media sites, responding to emails or researching various topics. This gives you the privilege of becoming their personal assistant and thus making even more cash. For regular jobs, permanent employment may also arise.

4. Be creative

Your creativity will enable you to make a lot of money on online sites. If your IT specific, you can design an app that can be integrated into Android and iPhones. Your knowledge of some things may also be converted to short courses that you can offer for a fee online or to your college friends. Also on the online platform, you can design pages or websites. You can design T-shirts and sell them to your colleagues or design the clothing for an online brand. As long as the idea can be translated to money, do not sit on it.

The Merchandiser

1. The Rent Guy

Upon admission to college, there are many items that you don’t necessarily require for the time being. From the privilege of having a car, extra space in your college room, extra books and even clothes. For a relatively small fee, you can make money out of them.

If you’ll be living off campus, extra space can be extra cash by splitting the rent with a colleague or friend. You can choose to use your car to drive students around for a fee. The books you used for a previous class can be sold or rented to other students.

2. The Middleman

With lots of products being sold either at marketplaces or in the online platform, you can always research the fast moving items and buy them for resale. Among these includes textbooks, clothes, and jewelry. You can purchase these products and then sell them in college at higher prices to make profits which can be so much help to you.

The Flamboyant

1. The Tutor

You can play the brilliant student by offering academic assistance to your college mates.You can start by tutoring your friends for a friend or you can ask for employment from your college to tutor junior students.

2. The Editor

You can proofread and review your classmates’ papers, articles, and projects. This generates low sums of income, but from a large pool of papers to proofread, you can make considerably larger amounts.

3. Scholarship Applications

You can apply for grants or scholarships. There are national scholarships that are open to all students and there are scholarships open to students of specific majors, hobbies, or interests. Search around for scholarships, take your time with the applications, and send in the best application possible in hopes of winning the scholarship.

4. The Savior

You can also take notes for the students who need some extra help in the class. Check with the college for note-taking positions. There are many students at colleges who require extra accommodations, and one of those accommodations is having someone take notes for them.

Melissa Weir is a North Carolina-based freelance writer and work-from-home mother of two. In her 10 years as a professional writer, she’s worked in proposal management, grant writing, and content creation. Personally, she’s passionate about teaching her family how to stay safe, secure and action-ready in the event of a disaster or emergency.


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  1. Some of these are good ideas and known to most students. Regarding writing for pay, it should be noted that attention to detail, original ideas and knowing the difference between your and you’re will help you get repeat work.

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