5 Benefits of Attending a Pre-College Summer Program

When summer approaches, many high school students dream of all that free time they’ll be enjoying. It could be time to see friends, to get a part time job or to go to camp. It’s a great break from school and assignments and a chance for some much-needed downtime.

But this time is also a huge opportunity andone that you’ll never get back. As well as relaxing and recharging your batteries, you could be using your summer to learn more about life at college and making some big decisions about your future as a result.

Many colleges offer a pre-college summer program for high school students. Here are five benefits of attending one:

1. You Get an All Round College Experience

If you’ve ever worried that college life might not be for you, what better way to test the waters than with a pre-college summer program? Many institutions offer an all-round college experience. You’ll stay in campus dorms and get what may be a first taste of independent living. You may also have the opportunity to attend summer courses alongside undergraduates, giving you a sense of the facilities and learning opportunities that could be open to you should you choose to go to college. Learning about the environment can help you to make those tough college choices that face you in the years to come.

2. You Get to Meet New People

A pre-college program could really make your summer one to remember. You’ll get to meet a gang of new people, some of whom could become friends for life. You’ll also get to meet tutors and advisors who could help you explore your opportunities and even provide references for you further down the line.

3. You Can Prepare for Your Tests

It can be difficult to fit SAT and ACT preparation into the school year. You’ll have plenty of other commitments and deadlines of which to be mindful. In contrast, during the summer you’ll have lots of time to really knuckle down and work towards those all-important scores. Some colleges offer test prep courses as part of their summer program. Combined with other subjects, these courses are a productive but fun way to spend your summer.

4. It Keeps Your Mind Active

Over the summer it’s tempting to fall into bad habits. We stay up late, we sleep in until the afternoon and we forget a lot of what we learnt over the past year. On a summer program, you keep your mind active and you stay in learning mode. This makes it much easier to hit the ground running come the fall semester. You’ll remember past classes more effectively and pick up new knowledge more easily.

5. You Broaden Your Experience and your Worldview

Up to now, you may not have experienced much beyond your school, your town or your state. Attending a pre-college program during your summer free time is a great way to become a better-rounded student. Away from home, you’ll enjoy a heap of new experiences and meet new people from around the country and the world. All of this will help you approach life with a broader perspective. And you can’t help but demonstrate this newfound experience in your college applications, which will stand you in very good stead.

A pre-college summer program is all about learning – learning about your subjects, life at college and about yourself. Whether you’re set on going to college or you’re currently undecided, a summer program could give you the knowledge and experience you need to make tough decisions and achieve those goals.

Audrey Robinson is a careers expert and content writer, currently supporting Datastical – a constantly growing online knowledge database. Whenever not working, Audrey is usually found travelling or spending time online, listening to motivational speeches. Feel free to reach out to her on her Twitter: @AudreyyRobinson.


2 Comments on “5 Benefits of Attending a Pre-College Summer Program

  1. I liked how you mentioned that a pre-college summer program can keep your brain active. My daughter is preparing to graduate high school and she was wondering how she could better prepare for college. I’ll be sure to tell her to look into pre-college summer programs from her school.

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