4 Degrees That Are Perfect for Global-Minded Students

An education that provides international career access is coveted by millions of students looking to broaden their advancement possibilities. As such, there are four degrees that stand out among the most popular majors for global-minded students.

Fields like marketing, business, science, sales and management offer promising career paths. The following four degrees can provide a perfect fit for you if you want to consider careers anywhere in the world.


Up to 85 percent of business majors feel their degree can enhance international career possibilities. Of course, starting salaries can depend on one’s level of education. Among the fields that business graduates pursue include international accountant, international economist, import/export compliance specialist, international banking, and management analyst. An example of a degree that offers international utility is a degree in international relations. Students learn to analyze and apply a wide range of data that applies to international laws, theories, and relations.


Engineering remains a highly sought-after career for many international students. These graduates have a penchant for STEM courses in science, technology, engineering, and math. The field offers decent employment possibilities along with high starting salaries on average.

Engineering degrees can also lead to design engineering and project management jobs. With a strong background in science and math, individuals may choose a different route and diversify into IT. An array of possibilities exist.


As with any degree, the higher the level of education, the better the chances of landing a choice job. Economics is a field that offers more diversity than given credit for. A degree in economics may lead to a career in investing, banking, insurance, retail, transporting, and manufacturing, just to name a few. A degree in economics rates as offering some of the highest starting salaries for graduates.

Computer Science

Computer science degrees are high on the list of coveted degrees in today’s world. The world will invest billions going forward to secure talent with high levels of technical skills and abilities.

Computer science graduates may decide to pursue careers as an IT consultant, information systems manager, systems analyst, games developer, or technical writer. Hands-on experience is essential as well for career advancement.

According to Forbes, cyber security is one the biggest concerns of 2017 and beyond. There will be an estimated 200 billion things that connect within a matrix by 2020. These include vehicles, airplanes, cities, homes, people, and even animals. Software is now a part of everything imaginable. The world’s dependence on technology makes it vulnerable if technology fails.

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