Choosing Your Path: How to Use Personality Tests to Help You Pick a Major

If, like many students, you’re having a hard time choosing a major, one solution is to take a personality test. If your idea of a personality test is a silly quiz on Facebook, you should realize that there are some extremely helpful and sophisticated personality tests designed by psychologists and other professionals. These can be very useful in helping you choose the right major.

Choose a Major Based on Your Personality Type

If you choose a major simply because they are high-paying jobs in that field, you may not make a choice that’s really suitable for you. You’ll find more success if you select a career path that’s closely aligned with your personality. For example, if you’re highly analytical, applied behavior analysis programs may be just right for you. A personality test can help you to identify the kind of major that you’re likely to excel at.

Where to Find Personality Tests

There are now personality tests everywhere, especially online. If you want to find one that’s truly useful, though, you should seek one that’s administered by qualified professionals.

If you’re in high school, check with your counselor to see if they have personality tests you can take. If you’re already in college, your advisor or someone in your school’s counseling center can point you in the right direction. You can also ask a psychologist or career counselor for advice on finding a good personality test.

Make More Refined Choices

There are now more choices than ever before when it comes to majors. Personality tests can help you break down your choices and find one that’s just right for you. Many students pursue an Business degree and MBA simply because it’s a popular program for anyone seeking a business career. However, a personality test might reveal you also have a bent for careers such as engineering. In that case, a degree in Engineering Management or MEM might be a better choice.

Personality Tests Help You Find Satisfaction and Success

You may think that you can choose a major based on your interests. Others choose career paths because of economic factors. While all of this is relevant, a personality test helps you drill deeper into your own psyche and locate your true talents.

The fact is, you’re more likely to do well in a field for which you have a true aptitude. A personality test may give you degree ideas that you had never even considered before.

Choosing a major is always a challenging prospect. There are so many choices, each leading to different career possibilities. In some cases, taking such a test will simply confirm what you already knew about yourself. However, many people find that personality tests help them uncover hidden abilities that they never realized they had.

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One Comment on “Choosing Your Path: How to Use Personality Tests to Help You Pick a Major

  1. I never took into account that a personality test could help me figure out what major could suit me. I’ve been having a hard time choosing a major, so I may just try this. I also think it could help me identify my flaws, so I can work on them. What would you say some of the best personality test types are?

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