Top 10 Gift Ideas for Your College Dormmate

Entering college is a wonderful time in which you will begin a new chapter in your life. While it may take some time becoming acquainted with a new dormmate, oftentimes you will find you have a new best friend by graduation day. Whether you’re seeking an icebreaker on move-in day or you want to thank your long-time cohabitant, these ten inexpensive and hand-picked gift ideas are exactly the right fit.

1. Sonic Alert Alarm Clock

If you find yourself to be a light sleeper, this is the perfect solution to ensure both you and your dormmate can live in harmony. Simply set the alarm to vibrate and flashing lights only mode to wake only the intended recipient. BONUS: if either of you are up late studying and don’t want to miss that important exam, there’s an extra loud 102db alarm option.

2. LINENSPA Shredded Foam Reading Pillow

It seems as though during your college years there is always an inordinate amount of reading to be done. This pillow molds to its user’s form to make sure that even the longest of reading sessions are comfortable, so your dormmate can focus on their work and not an aching back.

3. College Hoodie Sweatshirt

These hoodies are one thing you won’t need to think about during your college years. You and your dormmate can show your school spirit in style at the next big game and makes for the perfect keepsake to remember your alma mater post-graduation day.

4. Vaultz Locking Utility Box with Combination Lock

Dorm life can be hectic, especially if you find yourself living in a suite with more than one other person. If your personal space is a high traffic area, this locking utility box will ensure your dormmate has peace of mind that their valuables are always safe.

5. Healthy Snacks Gift Box

If there’s one universal language in the world, it’s definitely food. This gift box provides healthy snacks for your next movie night, party or just a quick bite on the go for the hectic college schedule.

6. Joy Mangano 900-Watt Go Mini Steamer with Travel Pouch

When living in a small restricted space for long periods of time, it’s important to optimize everything for maximum efficiency. This mini steamer takes the place of a bulky iron and ironing board and ensures that your dormmate will still always look their best. Best of all, if your college has strict fire safety rules, this is sure to pass!

7. Antimicrobial Shower & Water Sandals

Safety first should be the motto of all college students and dorm residents. These shower sandals ensure that your dormmate will be taking the right steps to mitigating the risks of sharing communal showers, where bacteria and fungus run rampant. A healthy student is a happy student.

8. COSPOR Wired In-ear Headphones

These inexpensive noise-cancelling headphones are exactly what every college student needs. Whether you are trying to not eavesdrop on your dormmate’s phone call or you think she just might need some relaxing music after a stressful day, these headphones can transform provide much needed personal space in close living quarters.

9. Bunk Buddy Bedside Shelf

Sometimes there’s just not enough space for you and your dormmate. Perhaps he needs a little more for his computer where it won’t overheat or even just a tray to enjoy some snacks without getting crumbs on the bed. The Bunk Buddy shelf is an ingenious solution to a problem that you weren’t even aware that you had.

10. 30 LED Photo Clips String Lights

Hands down one of the first things you’ll do with your new dorm is spruce up those stark white walls to give your new living space some personality. This LED Photo Clip string light is the perfect addition to any living situation. If your dormmate is feeling homesick, just hang a few photos of friends from back home. Or use it to hang new pictures of each other and your college experience. The possibilities are only limited by your creativity.

Completing a college degree takes a large investment of time, energy and intellect, but it shouldn’t always feel like the weight of your future is on your shoulders. These therapeutic gifts will help not only your dormmate, but also yourself, relieve some stress as you blossom into a more diverse and educated version of yourself.

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