Writing Guide and Topic Ideas for an Informative Essay

Informative Essay Topics and Tips

Looking at the name of this essay, it’s easy to realize that it implies an informative tone. It means you have to give information about a topic, providing all the details, facts, and clear evidence to back your words up. Note that such essays don’t require your personal opinion. Only real-life facts presented in an easy to understand manner.

How to Write an Informational Essay

Before you begin writing, you must choose a subject and make certain your audience doesn’t know much about it yet. That’s a secret to crafting an outstanding essay. The topic has to be interesting both for you and for your audience. Considering the fact that the reader has little or no idea about it, you must also use an appropriate language. Otherwise, they will get confused and lose interest after reading a few lines. So, don’t stuff the text with words that relate to the topic and are new to the reader. Use definitions to explain these notions.

When you begin to describe the subject and present the evidence, remember to choose only the most essential details. Also, don’t write about similar features; make every point distinct from another. When organizing your flow, devote a single paragraph to a single idea, refer to the thesis, and develop the story in a logical way.

Another tip to keep in mind during the whole process is that you must end up with the reader having learned something new. Therefore, you are welcome to use different tones, add creativity, and joke in order to help the audience perceive and memorize the info you provide easier and in a funnier way.

Thesis Statement for Informative Essay

An informative essay thesis is an important element that the whole essay is built around. A key to writing an effective thesis is in being crystal clear and precise but never too obvious and straightforward. Since your aim is to educate the reader, you can’t say plainly that “this essay is about…”. Instead, you should talk about the subject you have chosen, giving hints on what exactly the reader can expect from your paper. Besides, your thesis has to be able to get attention.

5 Excellent Informative Essay Topics

  • The origin of the world. The Bing Bang theory. This is pure science – if you like asking yourself questions about how the universe and the life in it appeared, it’s your chance to study this issue and educate someone else about it.
  • Why people delay things until it’s too late. Here you will have an opportunity to explain such phenomena as procrastination from a psychological perspective.
  • The effects of poverty in your region. A great topic to help you educate your community about the actual problems, which may even lead to finding a solution (who knows?).
  • Teen pregnancy and how it affects families. Another social topic to raise in a community and another possibility to make a difference in common opinions. You can explain what happens to parents of pregnant teens, how they typically react, and what consequences such reactions can cause.
  • Eating healthy. The importance of a healthy lifestyle. As a student, you can be very interested in this topic yourself. Most young people find it impossible to live right and live fun at the same time, but you can find the facts and real examples to show them it can be possible.
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