Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Classmates

School is nearly over, but what do you get that classmate who’s stood by you through the rough and the smooth? You’ll probably want to thank him or her but don’t want to say it with flowers, chocolates or Champagne – and we don’t blame you.

Gifts like these are lovely but they don’t last long at all. So why not think about ways you can surprise your classmate with something they can cherish long after the sparkle has settled on your graduation day? Here’s a few relatively inexpensive gift ideas we think you’ll love…

Create a Scrapbook of Photos and Memories

Buy an inexpensive scrapbook from your local stationery shop and add photos and memories from your years together at college. If you’re planning to gift this to your friend on graduation day itself, think about leaving a few pages free at the back of the book; that way he or she can slot in some photos from the big day.

Alternatively, take a camera to your graduation and get snap happy. You can then go home and get to work creating a graduation memory book; you could even pass it around friends on the day and ask them to write well-wishes on the pages.

Choose a Favorite Book

Did your friend study English Literature? Or perhaps he or she took history or art? If you rarely saw them without a favorite book – a weighty literary tome or a classic art publication – think about getting them a First Edition copy.

A First Edition book is an absolute must for anyone who loves literature. But what is it? It’s simply the first published edition of a story, novel, poem or any other nonfiction work in its earliest version. Just think how thrilled your friend would be if they received one of these!

What About a Diploma Frame?

A unique way to display a diploma, diploma frames make an ideal gift for a classmate. He or she has earned their diploma; framing it is a great way for them to treasure it forever. Your friend can then hang it on their bedroom or apartment wall and feel a rush of pride every time they see it.

Create a Memory Box

This works in much the same way as a scrapbook but is much easier to create. Remember when you’d make time capsules as a kid? Well this is kind of the same thing – and you’ll have just as much fun putting it together as your friend will have looking back at it over the years.

Providing you have the time before you graduate, you can collect anything and everything that will put a smile on your classmate’s face – concert tickets, photos, travel passes and ‘Hands Off My Milk’ notes left on the fridge door of your student accommodation. Then, simply add it to a box – choose a nice one from a homeware store – and wrap it up in pretty tissue paper. Alternatively, use brown paper and string as gift wrap for a quirky, rustic feel.

Remember: gifts for your classmate don’t always have to cost the earth. Just consider what it is that will make your friend smile – and be creative!

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One Comment on “Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Classmates

  1. My friend is about to finished her high school with awesome grades and I will be giving her a good gift on her birthday. Thanks for sharing valuable gift ideas.

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