7 Creative Ideas To Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

The first real chance to become independent is when you’re going to college. Even though you’ll be able to meet new people and go to cool parties, you’ll most certainly feel homesick from time to time. Don’t worry about that because it is perfectly normal and even the toughest get that feeling occasionally. So go ahead and work on your half of the dorm. Below are some useful tips and tricks which will help you to turn your dorm into a comfy home.

Create a photo collage

Everybody misses the people they leave behind. You’ve had so many adventures with your friends and they’re not near you suddenly. In case they didn’t enroll at the same college as you, the only way to save the memory and feel like they are with you is to make a beautiful photo collage. You can put all of your mutual memories there so you can relax instantly when looking at them. Don’t forget to save some space on your collage wall since you’ll be making new friends and memories in no time. They’ll deserve to get up there as well.

Work on the lighting

Most dorms don’t offer good lighting. As a matter of fact, it’s pretty bad. Don’t worry about that. You just need to install three light sources, and you’ll create a warm homely feel in no time. A great touch would be your favorite home lamp, which will be there for you when you feel homesick. You can buy a few lava lamps or fairy lights to be scattered all over the place. Try to team up with you roommate in your endeavor to illuminate the dorm. One of the biggest upsides is that you won’t be forced to pay the utility bills, so feel free to experiment and make the most of the lighting.

Keep your dorm decluttered

You’ll see soon enough how it feels to come home after hard work and be greeted with a messy room. So, don’t let that happen. You want your home organized and tidy. The professionals from Supercheap Self Storage Solutions recommend taking care of the clutter since clean rooms are better for your focus, concentration and overall mental health. Make a habit of constant cleaning on a daily basis. It will be much easier than to be forced to have one big cleaning day.

Bring over some toys

Make sure to take a few stuffed animals with you. Yes, you are too big for them now, but they’ll make sure to increase the level of comfort when you need it the most. A little bit of cuddling with your favorite teddy bear will ease up the whole homesick situation. Don’t worry about being judged for that. Those people also have their comforting items with them.

Bring home-made food to the dorm

There’s nothing better than mom’s cuisine. Therefore, make sure to bring as many cookies and brownies as you can when leaving your home. Your tasty food can be a great icebreaker and you’ll earn new friends in no time. If your friends like the taste, ask your parents for a recipe and become recognized as the best chef in the dorm.

Work some more on the atmosphere

The story about the lighting is not over yet. Once you’ve got all that lamps and bulbs, you’ll need some candles too. Most dorms do not allow candles with real flames, but there are many great battery operated candles available. If possible, go with scented battery operated candles since their pleasant smell will calm you down in case you are experiencing hard times. Make sure to use the same scent that you used back at home. You may also try with a few air fresheners.

Make new stuff

You don’t need to spend money in order to be happy. Find some tutorials online and start crafting soon with your roommate. This way you can really bond with him and you’ll have new, useful items for your room. The bottom line is that you should organize at least one weekly activity so you can get together with your new friends. This time you spend together will bring you closer and it will feel like home.

Final thoughts

After reading the tips mentioned above, you’ll be ready to start your new life in the college and make your home there. Pull up your sleeves and start decorating and organizing. Do everything you can to enjoy the best period of your life!

Helen Bradford is a literature enthusiast whose current interests are business and interior design so she tends to combine those things when writing. She spends her spare time reading, traveling and doing fitness. You can find her on Twitter



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  1. I enjoyed this very much. I’ll share with my students!

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