Left Brain Vs Right Brain Functions

Everybody has a brain: you have a brain, I have a brain, Kevin Spacey has a brain, and I can go on forever. But do you really know what is it capable of? Some people say that the left brain is responsible for logic, and the right brain—for creativity. But actually, every person uses both hemispheres equally. And that’s nothing but the truth.

Did you know that the brain is the fattest organ in the body? Listen up! Fat makes up 60% of the brain, isn’t it fascinating? Check other surprising facts about the human brain, and how to train your brain in the infographic created by Custom Writing


Jack Milgram graduated from the University of Central Florida and can currently be found in his hometown of Jersey City, NJ. He has never found sitting in an office appealing, and that’s why freelancing was his career solution. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with others through blogging.



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