8 On-Campus Jobs to Consider

Many students may have to find a job when attending college. For some students, it is part of their financial aid award in the form of federal work-study. For other students, they just need to make a little extra money. On-campus jobs are a great opportunity because of all of the advantages they offer. The commute is short because the job is typically on campus. Schedules can be flexible because most on-campus employers know that academics always come first. And, each different position provides other advantages specific to the position. Below are eight on-campus jobs to consider.


1. Resident Advisor

While this position is not available to most students until at least their second year, it is something students should consider. The monetary benefits of this position might be the best out of all of the positions on campus. You may not see a paycheck with this position, but it can ease the burden of paying or school. When I was a RA, my institution paid for my tuition, fees, room and board! Other colleges may only cover housing. No matter what is provided, this job can really help with paying for college. The responsibility of a RA ranges from making sure residents are abiding by rules, such as quiet hours, conflict mediation when roommates are having a disagreement, and planning events for your residents. The position teaches responsibility, leadership, conflict mediation, and provides a lot of great stories.

2. Office of Admission

If you are a people person and love your school, the office of admission may be a great place for you. Students who work in admission offices get to give campus tours to prospective students, help with admission events, and make phone calls to prospective students. Students in the admission office may also do data entry, mailings, writing blog posts, and hosting prospective students overnight in their dorm room. When I worked as the Director of Admissions, I had my student employees help me with marketing materials and sit in on strategy meetings to produce new ideas to attractive new students. The work in the admission office can be a lot of fun and you get to help bring in new students to your institution.

3. Department Office

A lot of business happens in the academic department offices. The job may require you to answer phones, distribute mail, and deliver things all over campus. Students who work in department offices will probably get to know faculty outside of the classroom because they will be visiting the department office on a regular basis. Students who work in department offices may also get to learn about opportunities such as scholarships, internships, and jobs before other students on-campus.

4. Events Office

If you like event planning, the events office on campus may be a great opportunity. Colleges host many different types of events throughout the year, such as fundraising events to special speakers on campus. You may get to work on events from the planning stage all the way until the actual event.

5. Library

The library is a great place to work if you like being in a quiet environment and working on your own. You may have to reshelve book, help students find things, or check out books. You may also have the opportunity to do some quiet reading (or studying) when not much is happening in the library.

6. Athletics

The athletics office has as a lot going on. In addition to the games, they may need tutors for athletes, gym attendants, and marketing. If you like sports, you might be able to get an up-close-and-personal look into the world of collegiate athletics by working in the athletic office.

7. Alumni Office

The alumni office does a lot of things with alumni of the college. The most important aspect of this office is to keep the alumni of the institution engaged. Therefore, they host events, produce magazines, and answer questions of alumni. Working in the alumni office may bring you into contact with alumni of the institution who can become great mentors or resources for future employment.

8. Student Resource Centers

Do you do well in classes? Or, do some of the subjects come to you easier than other students? There are many resources on campus that can help students who need it. You can become a tutor for a subject that you do well in. Some students require accommodations in the education and may need someone to take notes for them in class. If you like helping others and do well academically, a position like this might be a great option for you.

There are a lot of jobs available on campus. The above jobs are not the only optiona available to students. If there is something you are interested in doing or want to gain experience in a specific field, an on-campus job may be a great option for you. Most offices on college campuses employ student employees. If you’re interested in a job, check in with the office to find out if they are accepting applications for student employees.

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