6 Tasks To Do After Winning A Scholarship

Winning a scholarship is exciting! Students who apply for scholarships dream of the day they receive the winning email, letter or phone call letting them know they won the scholarship. But, what are your responsibilities after receiving the scholarship? That’s right – it’s not over after winning. Below are six common things you will need to do after you win a scholarship.

1. Accept the scholarship

For some scholarships, if you win the scholarship, you will automatically receive the scholarship money because you already provided the information the scholarship provider needs. Other scholarships will need to hear from you letting them know you will accept the scholarship. Some scholarship providers will have a form for you to fill out, while others need a simple, “I accept the scholarship.” Pay attention to the requirements of the scholarship provider.

2. Provide pertinent information

Make sure the scholarship provider has all of the information they need so they can submit your scholarship. In addition to the name of your institution, the scholarship provider may need the address to your school, contact information for your financial aid office, and/or your student identification number. The college may also need some sort of proof of enrollment or an acceptance letter from the college to prove you are a student. Pay attention to their requirements and get them everything they need to ensure you receive the scholarship money.

3. Thank the scholarship provider

Scholarship providers do not have to provide free money to students. Thank them for providing the scholarship and choosing you to receive the scholarship. A handful of students to thousands of students could have applied to the scholarship. The scholarship provider saw something special in you and chose you to win the scholarship. Show your appreciation by sending a thank-you note and let them know that the scholarship will help you reach your goal of receiving a college education.

4. Meet the requirements

Some scholarship providers require students to do a little extra after winning the scholarship. Some may ask for a photo and a quick bio they can include on their website when they introduce you as the winner. Others may ask you to provide tips for future students who will be applying for their scholarship. And, others may have an internship, mentorship, or other type of job students will have to fulfill to receive the scholarship. For scholarships that are renewable, make sure you pay attentions to the terms. If the scholarship is renewable, you may need to meet a specific Grade Point Average (GPA) and/or fill out another application. Make sure you are okay with the terms and do everything that is required of you to receive the scholarship money.

5. Report the scholarship to your college

Your college will need to know about the scholarship money. Most colleges will have to adjust the financial aid award when scholarship money comes in. Some may have to reduce gift aid while others may reduce your loans. Let the financial aid office know the scholarship money is coming and ask them how your aid may change.

6. Mark your calendar

Scholarship providers typically tell you exactly when they will submit the scholarship money to the college. Have this date on your calendar so you can check your student account to ensure it is applied to your account. It may take your college a few days to apply the funds to your account, but if it still is not showing up, check in with both the scholarship provider and your school to ensure you receive the money.

Winning a scholarship is wonderful feeling! Make sure you receive the scholarship by doing everything that is required of you so there is no delay in receiving your well-deserved scholarship money!

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2 Comments on “6 Tasks To Do After Winning A Scholarship

  1. Excellent points! Students, don’t forget to regularly check your emails for any important follow-up scholarship information.

    • Definitely check your email regularly! You never know – colleges and/or scholarship providers may be contacting you and may need information ASAP. If you miss a deadline, you may miss out.

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