Colleges Still Accepting Applications for Fall 2017

Are you still looking for a college to attend in the fall? There could be a number of reasons you’re still looking. Maybe you missed the May 1 deadline. Or, maybe your plans changed after realizing the college you wanted to attend was not a financial fit or too far away from home. Whatever the reason, there are still many wonderful options available and accepting applications for the fall.

The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) recently released their annual College Openings Update: Options for Qualified Students. The list has a new name, but still shares information about the many colleges that are still accepting applications for the fall. There are currently over 500 colleges on the list. Most of the colleges are still accepting freshman and transfer applicants and most still have financial aid and housing available for new students.

The list of colleges still accepting applications is diverse. There are public and private colleges. There are also colleges with small, medium, and large student populations. Large research institutions, liberal arts colleges, and religious colleges are on the list. Some of the big names on the list include Baylor University (Texas), The New School (New York), University of Arizona, and University of Oregon. Students still looking for a place to attend in the fall will surely find a college on the list that meets their requirements.

As colleges and universities fill their spaces, they will close their applications. Therefore, students who are interested in a particular college should apply to the institution as soon as possible. Other colleges may also join the list as they learn more about their incoming class and find they still have space available.

If you’re still not sure where you will be attending in the fall, you still have options!

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