15 things to do after submitting your tuition deposit

For many students, it has been over a year since they started really thinking about college. The time has come to make the final decision and send in your tuition deposit to confirm your enrollment in the fall. However, you are not finished after submitting your deposit. Here are 15 easy, but important, things to do after submitting your tuition deposit.

  1. Notify other colleges you will not be attending. Most colleges make it easy to let them know you will not be attending.
  2. Thank everyone who helped. Many people may have helped during the college admissions process. You may have received help building your college lists, had someone read your admissions essay, and probably had recommendation writers. Thank them for their help and share your plans for the fall. Let them help you celebrate your success and future plans.
  3. Submit housing contract and deposit. Make sure you have a place to live in the fall. Submit all required documents and your deposit to the housing office by the deadline. If the college requires a questionnaire that asks about your habits, make sure you answer honestly. Answers on the housing questionnaire will help the housing office place you with students with similar habits.
  4. Update FAFSA and provide required financial aid documents. If there have been any changes, update your FAFSA. In addition, submit any required financial aid documents. Not submitting documents or missing the deadline could potentially change your financial aid offer.
  5. Check your email and mail. Each college has different requirements for new students. Check your email and mail for communication from the college to ensure you are doing everything that is required of you to enroll as a student.
  6. Submit final transcripts. Make arrangements with your high school and/or college to submit your financial transcript to the college you will be attending in the fall.
  7. Submit AP and IB test scores. Many college give college credit for AP and IB test scores. However, credit can only be given when the test scores are submitted.
  8. Sign up for placement tests. Some colleges require placement tests. Placement tests will help academic advisors place students in classes in the fall.
  9. Sign up for academic advising and registration. Some courses may fill up quickly. The sooner students sign up for academic advising and registration, the sooner they may be able to register for classes.
  10. Sign up for new student orientation. New student orientation is a great way for students to get familiar with the college, as well as meet other students. Make sure the date is on your calendar and make plans to attend.
  11. Connect with future classmates. Meet new classmates now. Many colleges have events on campus, and some even have local receptions if you do not live close to the school. Many colleges also have forums and online groups students can participate in to meet other students.
  12. Continue learning about your future school. Start seeing yourself on campus and continue learning about the things you will need and want on campus.
  13. Discuss school finances. Unfortunately financial aid does not cover the full cost of attendance for most students. Start discussing with your family how you plan to pay your tuition bill. Reach out to the Student Accounts office on campus to learn about your options if you will need to have a payment plan to pay your student bill.
  14. Continue applying for scholarships. It is never too late to receive a scholarship. Keep looking for scholarships and apply to scholarships you meet the qualifications.
  15. Finish the year strong. Continue doing well in your classes. While you may feel like you want to slack off during these last few weeks of school, don’t. Make sure you finish the year as the same student the college admitted.

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