April 2017 Newsletter

Summer is in view and many of us are dreaming of summer vacation. But, there are still a few months left of school. Here are a few quick tips for each grade level and things you may want to consider doing during the month of April.

Freshmen & Sophomores: There are many college fairs happening during the spring. College fairs are a great opportunity to learn more about colleges, including colleges you may have never considered.

Juniors: Visit the colleges you are considering if you are able. Many colleges have organized spring visit days for prospective students. In addition, think about the teachers you would like to write recommendations for you when you are applying to colleges next fall. Before leaving for summer vacation, meet with the teacher(s) to ask if they will write your recommendation in the future. They will get a lot of requests in the fall – get on their radar now. Some teachers may even start writing recommendations in the summer.

Seniors: Most college decisions have arrived. Now is your time to narrow down your list to one school that you will attend in the fall. Don’t rush into the decision. Try to find the college that is the best fit for you in all ways – academically, socially, and financially. It may be easy to want to choose the college with the most prestige. However, that doesn’t mean it is the best college for you. Be honest with yourself and choose the college that is the best for you.

About JLV College CounselingApril 2017 Newsletter | JLV College Counseling

I regularly receive requests for private college counseling. While I initially created JLV College Counseling to provide private college counseling, I found it was not the right fit for me. I believe all of the information I share should be available for free for all students and families. I don’t think students and families who cannot afford private counseling should be at a disadvantage, and this is why I focus my time now on providing all of the information on the website.

If you are still looking for an educational consultant to help with the college admissions process, I recommend you check out the Independent Educational Consultant Association.

College Search Tip

As you are looking at colleges, make sure you visit the colleges to ensure they are a good fit for you. Brochures and websites will make all colleges look great. But, the best way to get to know the personality of the college is to actually meet the people and walk on the campus. If possible, try to spend the night on campus as well. This will give you an unscripted view of the college. Check with the admissions office for details on how to schedule an overnight visit.

Scholarship TipApril 2017 Newsletter | JLV College Counseling

It is common for students to want to apply for the big scholarships. You may think, “Work hard on this one scholarship and it pays for an entire year of school.” The only problem with that thought is that many other students think the same thing and large scholarships will have a lot of competition. While there is nothing wrong with applying to large scholarships, don’t ignore smaller scholarships. Smaller scholarships will typically have a smaller applicant pool, giving you a better chance of winning.

Don’t forget to check out the large April and May Scholarships lists.

Is there a scholarship list that you would like to see on JLVCollegeCounseling.com? Let me know by filling out a short form.

Have a great April! If you ever have any questions or think there is an article that could be helpful, send me a message. My goal is to help students and their parents as much as I can as they move through the college admissions and financial aid process.

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