How to Get Good Grades and Enjoy Your Student Life

How to Get Good Grades and Enjoy Your Student Life | Guest  Blog by Linda Jellison | JLV College Counseling BlogBeing a student is exciting and scary at the same time. Between doing your capstone project and tests, you might feel like you can’t do it all. You can achieve good grades and still have a blast at school. There is no need to sacrifice one over the other. It is really just a matter of finding balance. Here are some ways you can do both.

Have a set schedule

You have to know what is required of you in class and schedule enough time to get things done. If you do things according to a plan, you usually have more free time to do the things you enjoy. Being all over the place with no structure will make school more stressful than it needs to be. Buy a planner and use it for everything going on in your life. There are also great apps you can use to help you stay focused and organized.

Study time can be fun

Switch up your study routine a bit to make it more fun. Go to your favorite coffee shop so that you don’t feel so consumed by your work. Being surrounded by other people is good for your mental state. Another great place to study is in the park. Throw out a blanket and enjoy your studies while spending time in nature. Don’t forget to bring snacks.

Find friends who are focused

Decide which people are worth your time and investment. If you hang out with the wrong crowd, it can quickly go downhill. This does not mean you should stay away from your classmates. You just have to find the ones who have similar interests as you. You can discuss writing a capstone paper while out for a jog or study together at the library. Having friends in school is necessary for a great balanced life, and trust me, there are some good people surrounding you that might just motivate and inspire you through this time.

”Fun does not always mean “parties”

I hate sounding like a bore but the truth is, partying too much is not the only way to enjoy your school days. Listen, I get it. There is nothing like a good party but you have to make sure it doesn’t cost you two days to recover. Also, drinking does not always mean partying. There are positive ways to have a good time that does not include irresponsible behavior.

Go the extra mile

As much as enjoying school is important, your grades can determine your future so it is vital that you stay focused at all times. Also, doing the minimum and scraping by will not serve you well in the long run. When it’s time to work, go the extra mile. When you study for exams, make sure you’ve covered all the required information, even if that means sacrificing time doing fun activities. You want to aim to be the top of your class in everything you do.


Enjoy your years as a student because it’s going to go by in a flash and then it’s time to face the real world. You don’t have to be a bore just because you have school to deal with. Life requires balance and structure and if you have those covered, this could be the best years of your life. You want to walk away from here with a good chance of making a success of your life so always keep that in mind. Being a good student and being a good friend can go hand in hand. Find your perfect balance and you’ll do just fine.


Guest Blogger Linda Jellison | JLV College Counseling BlogLinda Jellison works as a content manager. Her hobby is traveling, reading and guest post writing. She was a top student and now she shares her experience with other students.



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  1. Success in school is often measured by the grades you get. The secret of getting good grades is simple if you can do it. Plan something new for getting a good score in the exam. Teachers advise, regular test, daily notes, and regular study improve your grades. Thanks, for sharing these tips with us.

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