Top List of Note-Taking and Editing Tools for Students

Top List of Note-Taking and Editing Tools for Students - Guest Blog by Alicia Honeycutt | JLV College Counseling BlogThe process of note-taking and editing has evolved. Pen-and-paper note-taking is now old-fashioned. Digital note-taking is not only the way forward but has many advantages over traditional note-taking. Aside from mechanical tasks such as note-taking, online tools and apps have taken over intellectual tasks like editing too. Online tools are now evolving to replace mentors with a superior grasp of grammar, vocabulary, spelling and usage styles. Whether to use for research, taking notes in class, organizing daily tasks or reworking on the notes for reports, here is the top list of note-taking and editing tools for students.

List of Note-Taking Tools for Students

Evernote is an amazing tool to create and organize all notes. It is a cloud-based app which creates, designs and stores information – text, image, video or audio files (all stored on the cloud). Updates, changes or deletions automatically sync across devices and so it’s easily accessible anywhere. Notes made using Evernote do not take up a lot of storage on your device because of cloud servers. If your device faces sudden damage or breakdown, there will be no loss of any files. Evernote helps to access your official files from your home easily and omits the need to email the official work to your personal email. The virtual filing systems make locating notes or any files easy, saving you the hassle of remembering where the documents were saved. You can also create multiple lists on your device like grocery, medical lists, books, etc. and access them anytime.

Best features:

  1. Make new notes in the current notebook.
  2. Searches notes for keywords, tags, locations, contents and filters.
  3. Shortcuts present help you quickly access your notes.
  4. Easy to manage account information, security settings, and billing information.
  5. Adds the geographical locations to your notes.
  6. Work chat manages and collaborates your work when shared with your team members.

Penzu is an online journal tool that helps you to create a personal diary. Penzu allows you to choose what you wish to share, with whom and where you want to share it. The journal entries are accessed across devices. This note-taking tool has a journal locker that instantly backups all your journal entries, keeping it safe. Instead of using the index list, you can use the tag feature to tag your topics to filter for entries, so you can go back and ponder over your entries. The ‘add comment’ feature can help to put a comment and come back to the point later and make entries based on observations. With Penzu, create a journal in just three steps. Its user-friendly and does not need a big learning curve. Just choose the journal cover, type of font and click on a new entry to post.

List of Editing Tools for Students

Hemingway App
The Hemingway editor is a terrific editing tool frequently used by writing professionals. You can copy the text from your document to the application and work on the tool’s suggestions before posting it to your document again. The color codes of each error type:

  • Purple color–refers to using shorter words.
  • Red color–shows the need to edit the sentence.
  • Green color–shows the usage of passive sentences.
  • Yellow color–shows the need to shorten or split the sentence.
  • Blue color–shows the need to get rid of weak phrases and adverbs.

Benefits of the tool:

  1. Makes your writing brief and clear.
  2. Highlights complicated sentences.
  3. Easily formats the text within the tool.
  4. Highlights lengthy, complex sentences and errors.
  5. Provides a mouse-over hint option to change the words used.

AfterTheDeadline is one of the best online language checking tools. This editing tool helps students to write better, with less time spent on editing. It uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology. You can use this tool in three different ways to check your language:

  • Effective spelling check
  • Advanced style check
  • Brilliant grammar check

Benefits of the tool:

  1. Instantly checks spelling, grammar and writing style.
  2. Offers smart suggestions.
  3. Checks language of your tweets.
  4. Finds mistakes in emails.
  5. Gives you a language advantage.
  6. Check errors in French, German, Portuguese and Spanish languages.
Alicia Honeycutt - Guest Blogger | JLV College Counseling BlogAlice spends much of her time in writing catching pieces and traveling. When she’s not busy writing, Alice plays music and plans her next adventure. Follow her on Facebook.




2 Comments on “Top List of Note-Taking and Editing Tools for Students

  1. I forget who it was, but someone published a study that compared students who took notes digitally vs. by hand. Those who took notes digitally had twice as many notes. However, those who took notes by hand consistently scored higher.

    • I think it depends on the student. I know many students who will handwrite their notes and then type them out. The nice thing about digital notes is that you can always read the writing 🙂 Students should do whatever works best for them.

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