Personal Education: 4 Degrees for the People Person

Personal Education: 4 Degrees for the People Person - Guest Blog by Kara Masterson | JLV College Counseling BlogAs many experts often say, the first impression clients usually form comes from their interaction with people in the firm. From the receptionist to the executive president, most careers require at least some form of interaction with other individuals. This is no different in higher education. The following four degrees will prepare extroverted individuals with the knowledge required to be successful in a career that will match their expertise.

Public Relations

A degree in Public Relations is a sure way to move ahead in the PR industry, especially if students enjoy other people. The use of social and digital media for communications is climbing at an accelerated rate, and these forms of media are crucial if a PR student wishes to obtain success in the field. A public relations degree will give students the skills needed for the success they are seeking. Students will learn about PR trends in today’s workforce as well as applying technology and innovative skills in order to move among the top communications specialists.


Students can obtain a degree in Marketing to bring out their extroverted personable skills. Similar to the Public Relations field, a degree in Marketing can cover a number of subjects, including social media, B2B/B2C digital marketing, and online consumer behavior. Though a great deal of this field covers research, strategy, and analysis, personable skills with face-to-face interactions are as highly important as the rest of the requirements for the program.

Hospitality Management

From hotels to restaurants, individuals seeking a career in hospitality are always in contact with customers. Workers in hospitality are often the faces of the organization, especially since they are the first people guests usually encounter upon check-in and check-out. A degree in Hospitality Management is a great option for people-oriented individuals who strive to serve and please.

Mass Communication

A degree in Mass Communication requires extensive written as well as oral communication skills in order to be successful in the major. A career in this field can lead to many different opportunities, including employment at a media company, government agency, or even an educational setting. They will be trained with all the latest skills and tips for the current trends in mass communications.

All of these degrees are perfect for extroverts. Students should prepare to interact with many different people and many different companies if they study these subjects. They will be sure to find these careers dynamic and exciting if they truly desire to pursue them.

Kara Masterson | Guest Blogger on JLV College Counseling Blog

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max. Find Kara on Facebook.



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