Use Social Media to Learn More About Colleges

Use Social Media to Learn More About Colleges | JLV College Counseling BlogNo matter where you are in the college search process, you can always learn more about a college. Even for students who just sent out college applications, there are still things they can learn about the colleges they are considering. If you have received all of the marketing materials, reviewed the website, and visited campus, you might think you know all there is to know about the college. However, you might want to considering using social media to learn more about the colleges. 

Social media is not only a place you can go to share your thoughts, pictures, and videos. Social media is also a great place to learn more about colleges. In addition to facts about the institutions, students can learn more about the personality the college and the student body. Here are three ways to use social media to learn more about the colleges you are considering.

1. Follow colleges 

Whatever social medial platforms you use, follow the colleges you are considering. Most colleges have official Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages. More and more colleges are adding Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat. Check out the college website to find all of the official social media profiles run by the institution. These official profiles will give general information about the college, new stories, and happenings around campus.

2. Follow smaller pages associated with the college

Just search the college you are considering and you will probably find hundreds of accounts somehow associated with the college. Some of the pages or profiles to consider following include:

  • Admissions. You will get up to date information about admissions information. In addition, they will probably be sharing a lot of information and pictures prospective students and parents may be interested in.
  • Academic program(s) you are considering. Learn about the great things the academic programs are doing at the college. This can include research, books that have been published, and events on campus. In addition, these pages might profile the professors you may be taking if you attend the institution.
  • Teams/Sports you enjoy. Get up to date information about the teams, scores, and the good the teams are doing in the community during the off-season.
  • Clubs you’re interested in. In addition to academics, college is all about the experience. Most students will want to get involved outside the classroom and clubs are a great way to get involved and meet people. Learn about the activities available to you and learn what is important to each of the clubs before even stepping on campus.
  • Campus services and amenities. This can include the library, campus housing, campus safety, or the career center, just to name a few. Colleges have a lot of services available to student and some of those services are going to be very important to students. Figure out what is important to you and get more in-depth information about those services available at the campuses you are considering.

The main college pages will have posts that are carefully crafted by the marketing department of the college. But, the smaller pages will allow you to get a real feel for the college. This can be especially true when following student run pages/profiles because their purpose is not to sell the institution.

3. Participate on social media

Don’t just read the posts and look at the pictures. Leave your comments and questions on social media pages. You will probably get answers from multiple people associated with the college, and you might make a few connections that can help you in the future. You may also considering checking out some of the forums available, such as Facebook groups, to ask your questions.

Social media can be a great tool to get more information about colleges. If you’re already on a social media platform, use it to dig deeper into the colleges you are considering so that you might find all of the answers you need to make the best decision you can when it comes time to choosing a college.

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