5 Benefits of Choosing a Degree in Athletic Administration

5 Benefits of Choosing a Degree in Athletic Administration - Guest Blog by Dixie Somers | JLV College Counseling Blog

So many students have dreams of playing or competing in their sport. Unfortunately, there are just not enough spaces for all of the individuals who want to be professional athletes. Luckily, there are many more jobs in the sports world besides athletes. Guest blogger Dixie Somers gives us five benefits of  an athletic administration degree.

Guest Post by Dixie Somer

Many people’s dream is to have a career in sports. That way they would be able to combine their passion for sports with their need to provide a stable income for their families. One way to accomplish this is by obtaining an athletic administration degree. Here are five different benefits of having such a degree that you should know about if you are considering pursuing one in school.

1. It Is a Good Alternative Career Choice for Athletes

Unfortunately, not all athletes can expect to find a career as an actual athlete. The standards used to draft players into the NFL, NBA and more are extremely high. Only the best of the best are chosen. Also the careers of many athletes are ended early due to injury. Athletes in such situations, however, can still tap into their passion for athletics and knowledge of sports in a career by obtaining an athletic administration degree and focusing on the administration, coaching, and mentoring aspects of sports.

2. It Allows You to Be a Mentor

The influence of coaches and others within athletic administration can reach far beyond a person’s athletic career. The lessons taught can help individuals succeed in the personal, business, and many other areas of their life. It is one way to leave a lasting impact on other people and leave a fulfilling legacy as part of your career.

3. It Can Lead to a Well Paying Career

A degree in athletic administration can be used to obtain many different sports related careers such as athletic director, high school football coach, and administrator of a recreation sports club. Many of these positions pay very well. According to figures for athletic director pay in the NCAA, a college athletic director could make as much as six or seven figures.

4. It Can Increase Your Own Health and Knowledge of Fitness

Obtaining a degree in athletic administration requires studying a wide arrange of topics surrounding healthcare and physical fitness. While this knowledge can be applied towards a career in athletics, it can also be applied to your own health and physical fitness. Teaching the values of exercise and personal health makes it easy to incorporate them into your own life.

5. It Can Increase Your Business Sense

Obtaining a degree in athletic administration doesn’t only increase your knowledge in regards to athletics and sports. It can also increase you knowledge regarding the world of business. You could, for example, use your degree to obtain a job in the marketing department for a major team and help that team reach new audiences to boost their attendance and revenue.

An athletic administration degree can make you valuable in the job market. It can also open up many doors to you in the world of athletics and sports and allow you to pursue your true passions while making a strong impact on the lives of others.

Dixie Somer | Guest Blogger

Dixie Somers is a freelance writer and blogger for business, home, and family niches. Dixie lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and is the proud mother of three beautiful girls and wife to a wonderful husband.



One Comment on “5 Benefits of Choosing a Degree in Athletic Administration

  1. A lot of people nowadays is a big fan of sports. Just looking in this kind of data, for sure, it already brings good news to the industry. But of course, it depends on the sport. But only few people who didn’t know the benefits of being an athlete that will make them as a new person if they succeed as a professional athlete.

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