What is Rolling Admission?

University of La Verne is just one of many colleges that offer rolling admission.

What is Rolling Admission? | JLV College Counseling BlogAre you still looking for colleges to attend in the fall? Maybe you applied to colleges already, but are having second thoughts? Or, maybe you’ve heard back from some and were not admitted? While many application deadlines have come and gone, there are still many colleges still accepting applications. A college on rolling admission can be a great option for you.

Rolling admission is probably a term you have seen as you have researched colleges. The colleges that are on rolling admission usually publish priority deadlines, but will accept applications after the deadlines. Why have a deadline, but still accept applications? This is probably very confusing for students.

Colleges that operate on rolling admission typically have a large window in which students can apply. The applications for fall usually open early the previous fall and remain open throughout the summer. All students who apply by the priority deadline will be considered for admission. The colleges will then continue to accept applications as space permits. Depending on the popularity of the college, some will eventually close their applications, while others will remain open until the start of the academic year.

Many colleges that offer rolling admission do not make applicants wait to receive decisions on their applications. While students who apply regular decisions at other colleges sometimes do not get their decisions until March or April, students who apply to colleges with rolling admission can get their decisions as soon as a few weeks after submitting their complete application. Some colleges send out decisions faster than others and many give firm dates in which students can expect their admission decisions.

Many of the colleges that offer rolling admissions are not very selective (great schools, but higher acceptance rates). However, the range of selectivity of rolling admission colleges is wide. For example, some highly ranked colleges offer rolling admission. For example, Purdue University, Penn State, and Michigan State all offer rolling admission.

It may seem attractive for students to take their time with the applications at colleges that offer rolling admissions. However, students should do their best to submit applications by the priority deadlines. Priority deadlines ensure students will have a chance at admission. In addition, although admissions offices may accept applications throughout the year, financial aid and housing offices typically have deadlines. Financial aid and housing offices will usually work with students who are admitted after the deadlines, but students might miss out on opportunities if they apply too late. If it is past the priority deadlines, don’t delay in submitting your application. The sooner you decide to submit your application, the more likely the college is still accepting applications.

So, if you are still looking for a college for the fall, it is not too late. There are many colleges still accepting applications. Visit the websites of the colleges you are considering to see if they are still accepting applications. But, again, don’t delay. Colleges on rolling admission can close their application at any time.

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