Parents: Prepare a healthy care package

Healthy Care Package

When packing for college, many students and their parents forget about medication. It’s just something many people don’t think about when packing for college. Instead, their focus is on things like extra-long bedding and room decorations. However, many students will get sick during the fall semester of college. From the changes in sleep patterns to the communal living, it’s bound to happen.

Whether students have moved-in already or are moving in soon, parents should prepare a “healthy” care package for their child. Here are list of items to consider:

Students will not want to go out and get these items for themselves, especially if they are already getting sick. Plus, drug or convenience stores are not always conveniently located near college campuses. Therefore, parents should prepare a care package full of medication and healthy items for their children before they get sick.

I have found that CVS has everything available students may need. CVS carries name-brand products, as well as CVS brand products. I’ve tried many of the CVS products and they do the job just as well as name brand and cost much less!

Parents can go to the store themselves and prepare the package, or shop online and have it shipped directly to their child. Shipping rates are a standard $5.49, no matter how much is purchased. However, shipping is free for most items if you purchase $49 worth of merchandise. CVS also offers 20% off and free shipping if you choose to have items automatically shipped on schedule. For example, this would be a great option for vitamins.

Before your child get sick, make sure they have the medication they need to take care of themselves when away from home. You, as a parent, won’t be able to be there physically, but you’ll know your child will have everything they will need to get better.

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