Why I’m Becoming an Educational Consultant

I have worked in college admissions on the college side since 2006. I started as an Admission Counselor at the University of La Verne in Southern California and worked my way up to Assistant Director of Admission. When my husband accepted a job in the Seattle area, we moved and I landed the job as Director of Admissions at Northwest University in Kirkland, Washington. I have always loved sitting down with students and their parents discussing their college options.

As someone working in admissions, it was kind of like working in sales. My job was to sell students on the idea of enrolling at the institution where I was employed. Don’t’ get me wrong – I think all of the institutions I have worked for are amazing and have wonderful things to offer students. But, I know that they were not the right colleges for everyone and I was always very honest about that with the student and their parents.

While working on a college campus, I always felt like something was missing. My job was selling one college. When I was finally able to meet with the students, they had already done a lot of the research themselves, or were guided to my institution with the help of a college counselor. It was my job to sell them on my institution and try to do it better than the other colleges they were looking at.

So, when my husband was offered a job in the San Francisco area, we moved again. I decided it was time to follow my true passion of helping students through the college admissions process from the beginning. Being an independent college counselor (not associated with any college or university) will allow me to really help students through college admissions process.

I am slowing starting the process. First, I’ve launched my twitter account (following me at @admissions411). Now, I’ve launched my blog where I will continually share helpful information about the college admission process. Soon there will be a Facebook page, Pinterest page, and other social media pages. And, lastly, I will be launching my website and offering services to students in my area and online.

I look forward to helping you or your student through the college admissions process!

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