College Counseling Services

College Counseling Services

Please note: At this time, JLV College Counseling cannot take on any more clients. However, we invite you to follow our blog to get free information on college admissions and financial aid. 

JLV College Counseling offers customized services to assist high school students in planning, selecting and applying to college. These services can also be used to assist transfer students. Students will work one-on-one with your dedicated college expert, Jessica Velasco, to personalize your experience and address your individual goals.

JLV College Counseling can start working with students as early as the end of eighth grade. The earlier students start working with JLV College Counseling, the better it is to carefully monitor a student’s pattern of coursework, select curriculum, and discuss extracurricular activities. However, Jessica can start working with students as late as the beginning of the fall of a student’s senior year.

JLV College Counseling offers the following services:

  • Academic profile and extracurricular activity assessment
  • Academic course selection and planning
  • Extracurricular, community service, and summer opportunity recommendations
  • Standardized testing strategy (which test to take, suggested dates for test taking, retaking tests, etc.)
  • College information and planning
  • Creation and/or review of college list
  • Assistance with planning successful and enjoyable college visits, including open house events
  • Preparation for college admissions interviews
  • College application organization
  • Comprehensive college admissions essay and application assistance
  • Recommendation strategies
  • Scholarship search strategies
  • Scholarship application and essay assistance
  • Creation of resume to highlight personal strengths and experiences
  • Social media review
  • Additional topics of interest to the client
  • Explain the financial aid process
  • Provide support with college selection, enrollment, and registration
  • Start-to-finish support
  • Ongoing support

JLV College Counseling offers package college counseling plans, as well as hourly services.  We look forward to working with you.  If you have any questions about services or would like to sign up for services, please contact us.