Category: Financial Aid

I haven’t filed taxes yet; how do I submit the FAFSA?

Many colleges and states have early financial aid deadlines, and the deadlines are usually before many of us have filed our taxes. So, how do you submit the FAFSA before filing your taxes? Find out here.

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FAFSA Misconception: “I don’t qualify for FAFSA”

So many families believe they don’t qualify for FAFSA – find out why this is not true.

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9 places to look for scholarships

Everyone wants a little help paying for college? However, where should you search for scholarships? Here are nine places you can find scholarships.

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How to compare financial aid award letters

Financial aid award letters can be confusing, especially when they don’t look the same. Here are some tips for comparing financial aid award letters.

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Who is my parent for FAFSA purposes?

Are your parents divorced or living apart? Not sure what parent should fill out the FAFSA? Here is the breakdown of who your parent is for FAFSA purposes.

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