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How to make college visits less expensive

Cost should not stop you from visiting colleges, Here are tips for making the college visit less expensive.

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Visit colleges from home

Sometimes it is difficult to physically visit every college you are considering, especially when you in the beginning stages of building your college list. However, virtual tours are a great way to visit colleges from home.

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2016 College Fly-In Programs

College visits are important in the college search process, but can be quite expensive. Luckily, some colleges are helping students with the cost of traveling to their campuses.

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Should you visit colleges during the summer?

Many experts discourage summer visits. But, summer may be your only option. Don’t skip the college visit, but make sure you make the most of the visit.

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What are Admitted Student Events?

Congratulations on being admitted to college! After being admitted, many colleges invite students to admitted student events. However, what do these events entail?

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