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FAFSA college list shared with colleges

When filling out the FAFSA, students are asked to list the colleges they want to send their information. In addition to financial information, colleges also receive the student’s college list.

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Student missed deadline due to computer glitch

Student may have missed out on prestigious scholarship program because of missed deadline caused by technological error. This is a good reminder for students to request college application materials early and regularly check on the status on their applications to ensure they do not miss deadlines.

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The importance of choosing the right safety schools

Originally posted on Students applying to college are encouraged to choose a good mix of safety, target and reach schools. However, many students do not take the time to find the right safety schools to add to their list….

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Early action, early decision or regular decision?

Colleges offer many options when applying. How should you apply? Early action, early decision or regular decision? Here are some information on each option.

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7 Tips For Rising Seniors – #6 – Create Your Brag Sheet

Scholarship and college application times are not a time to be humble. It’s time to create your brag sheet to help you through the process.

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