Best Part Time Online Jobs for College Students in 2018

Are you a college student looking for ways to earn extra income? Well, the freedom that you have doesn’t come without a cost. There will be books to buy, bills to pay, and let’s not forget the times you want to treat yourself. If you get money from your parents, it may not cover everything.

Working as a barista at the local restaurant around campus may not sit well with you. Or, you want to work part-time but from whichever location. Lucky for you, you can make a substantial amount working online.

You will have enough time to complete your school work, personal statements, and you’ll have a few zeros to the balance in your bank account. Below are some part-time jobs to earn extra money, and all you need is access to the internet:

Writing Articles

As you prepare for writing a thesis when the time finally comes, why not improve your writing skills. Numerous platforms deal with freelance jobs which include article writers. You can check out Upwork, Fiverr, WritingJobz, and more.

You can even land writing gigs where you bag $14 for a page. You don’t need any certification, but you better be good at expressing yourself through writing. Also, good writing is essential as you look for a job after you graduate.

Data Entry

No qualifications needed and it is also a favorite part-time job for college students. When you just need some time to immerse yourself in something other than your school work, you can try data entry jobs.

It is a stress-free and easy job. Accuracy is vital and you get the payment upon validation of the submitted task. You can even make $600 from it. Check out Capital Typing.

Online Surveys

Are you looking for work that is simple? Try online surveys. You earn money by giving your opinion.

For example, a particular company just recently launched a new product and would like to gauge the reception of the people towards the product. They approach a site that conducts surveys. This site then pays its members to complete the given studies. You can start with the Survey Downline site; it caters to audiences in Australia, USA, Canada and the UK.

A particular survey could take you up to 30 minutes. The amount of money you earn can vary from $1 to $20. Most sites will pay you after you reach a particular payout limit.


Nowadays, a large number of people rely on their blogging income. It is like a full-time job for them. Write about what interests you or share your experiences. Learn how to optimize your site with SEO skills.

It is easy to set up a blog and can be free, depending on the platform that you are using. You just need a computer, interests to write about, and access to the internet. Here, you can use the free wifi at the campus.

Design & Editing

As companies rush to engage their audience using online platforms, there is a need for designers and editors. Be it in designing the logo or website of a company to making photo edits. Businesses are looking for people who can come up with a unique design for their company logo.

Also online content has to be eye-catching. And thus, one has to share quality photos and designs that will be appealing to their target audiences.

Search Engine Evaluator

Have you ever looked up content using your ideal search engine and didn’t get results of what you were looking for? Now, this is the area where Search Engine companies need evaluators. Check out SEOClerks.

You can earn a handsome sum of $15 for just one hour and you can do it from the comfort of your home.


Rather than make funny videos and sharing with your friends for a good laugh, why not make money from it too? It doesn’t have to be all about humor; it could be informative or one about your experiences.

Make YouTube videos. However, you will need to reach 1,000 views before you can earn from a video. Get more visitors by sharing your videos on social media.


The internet provides students with numerous earning opportunities. Take some time off from working on your dental residency personal statement, and earn a few bucks to buy that thing you have been eyeing for a long time now.

Susan Watanabe works as a content manager and she has passion in guest posting. Besides, she specializes on dental school application personal statement. Susan likes to cover topics related to education and study tips for college. She believes that her articles help students to be more productive and to reach success in their study life. Her hobby is reading, writing and traveling. Her life motto is “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”


4 Comments on “Best Part Time Online Jobs for College Students in 2018

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  2. Wonderful ideas. Could you write a post on earning money during college for international students? I know most colleges have limited hours international students can work on campus, plus there are numerous legal restrictions. Thanks in advance.

    • Unfortunately, due to legal reasons, international students will always be limited in their work hours. If you have not found a job in the U.S. yet, check with your college to learn about on-campus job opportunities. In addition, check with the international advisor at your college because that person/persons can point you in the wrong direction and give you some leads for jobs.

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